You Are Your Own Interior Designer

6You have to bring out the artistic side of yourself if you want to keep your house from being bland and austere. The aesthetic aspect of a house is always something most homeowners are quite particular about. After all, that’s the first thing people notice.

If you are sure that your house’s exterior is already attractive enough to command a second glance from passers-by then focus on the interior. Interior house designing can be a little challenging but is something achievable even without those expert interior designers or decorators. Initially, you have to establish the mood that you want to permeate in your home. Your wise choice in wall color will absolutely come into play in this respect. In addition, other design elements should complement the wall colors of your home.

For example, if you plan to have install blinds in your living, you might want to consider the type you can open or draw with a remote control. Indeed, these blinds are great especially on those lazy days when you just want to stay on the couch and not do anything at all.

For your living room, you can make use of smaller pieces of furniture if you don’t have a wider space. That will make your living room appear bigger. Be mindful of your decorations and other ornaments that you display. If you want your living room to have that touch of modernity, then try to make use of digital picture frame or digital picture frames, as well as other electronic devices. That will surely add a rare kind of personality there.

If you want to add those figurines or other ornamental plants to accentuate your indoor spaces, you can go ahead provided that they don’t look out of place. Not only will these plants make your place a lot more comfortable, it gives you that feeling of being near with nature. Arrange them in a way that they don’t look like an obstruction, don’t place them beside your doorways where your probability of tripping or bumping them is quite big. Use remote control blinds to let natural light in during the day and make the room cozier during the night.

Your kitchen has to be well-organized. Put similar utensils in one place. This will make things a lot more in order, and you won’t find it too difficult to locate them should the need be. You can also add cozy lamps in your kitchen and dining area. Your bedroom has to be well-organized. Make use of pieces of furniture that can provide you more space inside.

Aside from that, you can also add some digital picture frame or digital picture frames that will display your own photos. Designing your own house is not a hard task, as long as you are creative and you have the patience to do it.


Hitman Season 2: Is There a Chance?

6Square Enix has already informed the public of their decision regarding IO Interactive. Apparently, Square Enix has already withdrawn its interest in pursuing the business dealing with IO Interactive. This is unfortunate news for the fans of Hitman because this could mean the end of another season of amazing plays. On the brighter side, the publisher is looking for a new suitor or a prospective buyer who will pursue IO Interactive including the Hitman IP. That’s good news, right?


Why did Square Enix suddenly withdrew its support for the IO Interactive? What went wrong?

Apparently, upon looking at the reports, Square Enix decided to let go of Hitman 2 because of the poor turnout of players. Although Hitman has amazing video game playthroughs, it only gained 631,277 owners all across the globe. This may not be the exact figure, but it is an unfortunate comparison to Hitman: Absolution which gained an estimated 3 million owners. The struggle in the sales is definitely one of the primary factors that dictated the outcome of the Hitman 2 franchise.


So what will happen now? Will this be the end of Hitman 2? The number of owners may have plummeted, but that is still a solid number of fans. And what about improving sales? Needless to say, a boost in the marketing strategy will likely increase the number of sales. It could save Hitman 2.


The future may look uncertain, but the good news is that Square Enix is not absolutely giving up on the franchise. Any potential buyer could be a ray of hope for those looking forward to experiencing Hitman 2. There are also tons of questions to be answered here. Who actually owns the IP? And will the buyer gain IO Interactive including the Hitman IP?


Whatever the case is, fans of Hitman could only wait and speculate on the probable outcome of the franchise. Let’s just hope that Warner Bros, ZeniMax or Microsoft/Sony would take the chance of purchasing the franchise and selling it right. This would be a ray of hope for the fans of Hitman all over the globe. What we could only do now is to hope and show some love for IO Interactive and be updated on the latest in the tech world.


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Why Consider Hiring a Phone Answering Company

6Many business owners and managers nowadays may think that a business phone may no longer be as important as before. That is because of the popularity of the internet. Many often think that having a chat and/or email support team is enough. However, such is not the case. A majority of clients or customers still prefer to talk to someone when they have inquiries, complaints, suggestions, and other concerns. Such is due to the fact that they feel that their concerns are being heard and are immediately being resolved when they are already speaking with someone from the company.


With such in regard, businesses should have an employee on standby who will answer calls for them. However, some businesses just prefer to hire a cheap answering service company. It is a company that makes sure that the phones of businesses are being answered in a timely manner. For skeptical business owners, doing such move may not be practical. However, it is more cost-efficient that training and letting one employee do the task. That is due to the fact that most of these phone answering companies only charge by the number of calls or minutes of calls answered. Thus, when there is no call receive, they do not charge any cent. As compared to paying an employee with a fixed income, whether or not calls are received or not.


Many business owners may think that they can just ask one of their employees to multi-task in order to save. However, if the business facility becomes busy and the phone starts to ring, nobody will answer it immediately. Such will be a big problem. In fact, according to studies, many customers will hang up and not call again if the phone call is not answered after five rings. Similarly, many customers become irate when their calls have been answered after five and above rings. With such in regard, if no one is ready to answer a call immediately, customers will be lost. They will more likely choose a competitor company that will be giving them better customer services.


As an overview, many low cost answering service companies have trained professionals who answer calls after a maximum of three rings only. Most of them are also available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Thus, no phone call will be missed. On another note, business owners who will be hiring a phone answering company should choose one that has live phone answering personnel and not just the ones that use computerized or recorded answering machines.